August 30th ‘14

Harry with Niall probably

Harry: bro, you're so fucking cute
Harry: like bro, let me take a picture of you
Harry: to prove how cute you are bro
Harry: bro wear my clothes
Harry: bro would you like some food
Harry: bro lets cuddle
Harry: bro lemme kiss you
Niall: if you say 'bro' one more time I'll —
Harry: love you bro
Niall: *sighs*
Niall: love you too bro




Boston - 9/08

Show Me Your Wand

Niall’s mobile rings just as he’s stepping out of the Range. He throws willie the key to the flat and waves him on ahead before he slides his finger across the touchscreen to answer the call.

"I love you," Someone says without a greeting or taking a breath.

Niall’s intimately familiar with that voice. He can’t keep the smile off of his face as he whispers into the phone, “Well, I love you too, Harry but what’s the occasion?”

Harry huffs a laugh.

"I don’t need an occasion," Harry says and Niall can hear his smile, "but since you’re asking, Willie sent me a snapchat of you at Harry Potter. You’re a knob, an adorable, terribly cute knob."

"Shut up!" Niall barks, chewing on his thumbnail. He knows he must look like an idiot, smile on his face and phone pressed snug to his ear.

"When I get back from LA, will you show me your wand?"


"My name may not be Luna, but I know how to Lovegood."

Niall cackles, crying out, “Harry, no!”

"I’ve been whomping my willow thinking about you."

They are both laughing too hard to say anything. Niall’s got tears in his eyes from laughing so hard and his face is bright red. He misses him. Terribly.

"I miss you," He tells Harry, still chewing on his thumbnail

"Miss you too. Few more days and I’ll fly home to see Mum before we go to America and then you can become reacquainted with my ‘restricted section.’"

"You’re an idiot," and Niall can’t stop smiling.

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@williedevine84: Guess who went on the Harry Potter studio tour today…?!


Admitting zayn constantly not showing up at his band mates (self proclaimed “best mates”) important events doesn’t make me any less of a fan. If I’m gonna love him through all his amazing stuff I think I can be angry at him being a dick when it comes to such things without being called a fake fan or judged.


The boys at Jay’s wedding

Let It Be Me

Narry wedding fluff because pictures of hot boys in suits. Warnings for fluff.

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Harry and Niall at Jay’s wedding - 7/20