Admitting zayn constantly not showing up at his band mates (self proclaimed “best mates”) important events doesn’t make me any less of a fan. If I’m gonna love him through all his amazing stuff I think I can be angry at him being a dick when it comes to such things without being called a fake fan or judged.


The boys at Jay’s wedding

Let It Be Me

Narry wedding fluff because pictures of hot boys in suits. Warnings for fluff.

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Harry and Niall at Jay’s wedding - 7/20


niall can do whatever the hell he wants to me in that suit


Niall, Bobby, Aoife, Gerry and Stefano Eranio backstage in Milan 29/6

London - 15/07 + +


Every Ghost Misses His Bones

 So I’ve wrote another small oneshot for the amazing geekboyzayn’s AU. You can find all of the amazing information about that here. I love this AU so much.  If you want to read my first oneshot go here.        

Quick warnings for talk of guns and a few curse words. I think that should cover everything but if I’ve missed a warning let me know. 

Pairing: Zayn/Niall, Ghost/Bones

Words: 2314

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Zayn and Niall being goofballs and cute as fuck during Happily


Bern, Switzerland